National Volunteer Week


This week is National Volunteer Week – a time to celebrate those who give freely of their time, talent and love for the betterment of the world.

We would like to send a big THANK YOU! to our Redeemer Ministry Corps volunteers, present and past, who have dedicated a year or more of their lives to serve others.  We are a blessed people indeed to have caring people such as you.

Thank you to our Alternative Spring Break volunteers, who use their time off from college to volunteer with us.  You are a source of hope for the future of the Church.

Almighty God, we give thanks for their service and devotion to your people through their works as Redeemer Ministry Corps volunteers.  These volunteers demonstrate your command to love one another each and every day in countless ways.  We are grateful to our volunteers for their sharing of the variety of gifts and talents they bring to so many.  In donating their time, energy, and unique abilities our mission to care, comfort and heal is enhanced.  Our volunteers have given of themselves freely from their hearts and spirit, the purest of intentions.  Bless them each in abundance!

Reflections in Ministry…Casey Keller

casey kellerOn Christmas morning, children rush to unwrap the gifts that were left under the Christmas tree.  Some children take their time to slowly peel off the paper while other children rush and rip off the paper as fast as they can.  This is just like a child.  “Every child is gifted.  They just unwrap their gifts at different times.”

There are many little children that come to receive help unwrapping their gifts and it is inspiring to watch the children grow.  One little boy that I work with in my ministry at the Holy Redeemer Pediatric Rehabilitation Center came in for his session while I was helping out at the front desk.  As the therapist was helping him walk on the treadmill he asked the therapist, “Where’s Stacey?”  She was a little confused at first, but realized that he meant me and said, “Casey is working at the front desk.”  He did not like that and asked, “Can we go get Stacey before we play?”

The little boy may not be able to remember my name, but he remembers that I am supposed to be there with him.  That’s all that matters.  He may call me Stacey for the rest of the year, but knowing that he wants me to be there to play with him is all that matters.  It is the little things that matter, especially to a child.


Casey serves as a rehabilitation aide at the Holy Redeemer Pediatric Rehab Center.  Her story was recently featured in the Sisters of the Holy Redeemer’s Winter Publication.