Reflections in Ministry….Kristen Sapyta

DSCN2280One of the best parts of working at Drueding Center is working and interacting with the kids. While I work in the Childcare Department, my job focuses mostly on parent involvement and this does not allow for daily interaction with children unless I make an extra effort.

In October, I began to run Homework Club on Tuesday nights. I generally have the same 4-6 students show up on Tuesday nights for homework club and I have been having the fortune to get to know these students well. These same 4-6 students also attend the After School Program.

One day the After School Program teacher asked me to step in her classroom for a few minutes. Immediately as I entered the classroom one of the girls I tutor on Tuesday nights came running over to me, threw her arms around my legs and insisted on clinging to me even as the other students came over to give me a hug. They were all showing me different things they had worked on during the week. When I made my way to leave the classroom, they all asked if I would stay a while longer.  I was so thrilled!

Kristen is a Housing Assistant/Family Partner Specialist at Drueding Center


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