Reflection in Ministry…Claire Wilsey

DSCN3705Redeemer Ministry Corps has given me the opportunity to engage myself in the field of medicine by working on the Telemetry floor as a Patient Care Assistant.  Not only do I carry out the roles and responsibilities of a PCA at Holy Redeemer Hospital, but I have also fostered strong emotional relationships with my patients.

A large percentage of Telemetry patients have shared in the joy of being a grandparent or even great grandparent. However, family has since “left the nest” leaving this geriatric population with a more solitary life style. As challenges with getting older approach, patients must rely on others for help. This role is sometimes filled by around the clock home care or perhaps in an assisted living facility. It is at this point of my patient’s transition that my ministry shines brightest, for I also volunteer at St. Joseph’s Manor.

My unique role in the Holy Redeemer Health Care System allows my patients to sometimes become my residents, giving me the opportunity to bridge the gap from the familiar to the unfamiliar. This has put patients and family members more at ease knowing somebody that has cared for their loved will reciprocated this attention in their new “home”.  In this setting, as a recreational therapist assistant, I get to plan fun-filled events for the residents. I bring my energy and enthusiasm to all I encounter in a manner that lets them know I care.  The Recreational team and I engage their minds and help lighten their spirits.

This has been a truly rewarding opportunity educationally and emotionally. It’s an honor to be able to sit with patients and hear such amazing stories that are so rich in history and wisdom.


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