A Time of Transitions

“You will leave with joy and be led away in safety” (Is 55:12)

It seems like only yesterday that Kelly, Jenna, Claire, Tracy and Erin were meeting for the first time, ready to learn more about each other and their ministries during Orientation.  Now, they begin their last week of ministry and prepare to say goodbye to each other.  This has been a year of joys and challenges for all of them, a year of hardships and a year of blessings.  They have certainly been a blessing to the Sisters, Associates, staff, patients, children and residents with whom they’ve interacted.  Here are just a few ways that the RMC’s used their gifts and talents:

  • Tracy poured out her love to the children of Drueding Center
  • Kelly shared deep prayers with the community and the Sisters, revealing a wisdom beyond her years
  • Claire shared the gift of friendship with Sr. Ursulina and was an active listener to many
  • Jenna encouraged the community to spend time together and shared her humor with others
  • Erin lovingly cared for hospice patients and their families during the most difficult of times

This was a truly special group of women, who have touched the lives of others in countless ways.  Please keep them in your prayers as they prepare for their closing retreat next week, a time to reflect on what this year has meant to them, a time to look forward to what’s next and a time to say goodbye to one another.  No matter where their journeys take them next, they will remain in our hearts. 




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