Reflections in Ministry…Anna

I am having a wonderful time out here in Philadelphia.  I love being so close to the ocean as well as a variety of major cities, and growing in community with other volunteers, the Sisters, and my coworkers.  I also love serving at both of my ministry sites. The Maternity Ward and Women’s Health Center both have their joys and challenges and have allowed me to learn so much in just a short amount of time.  My favorite thing about Maternity is being able to work with the mothers alongside their babies.  I enjoy seeing the smiles stretch across the parents’ faces as I tell them that they have the most beautiful baby!  My favorite thing about the Women’s Health Center is being able to work with Doctor Dupree and the Healing Consciousness Foundation.  She cares very much about her patients and invites me to join in on that compassionate environment by allowing me to be a presence to her patients and help out with classes sponsored by her foundation.

ana– Anna serves as a Nurse Aide in Holy Redeemer Hospital and as a Patient Support in the Southampton Women’s Health Center.


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