My advent reflection book, The Marvels and Mysteries of Advent, spoke today about relationships.  Today’s reading focuses on the genealogy of Jesus.  Just like us, Jesus was influenced by His relatives.  This reading was quite fitting today, as all of our volunteers are heading home for the Christmas holidays this week, and they are so excited to reunite with their relatives.

As eager as the RMC’s are to spend some time home with their treasured family and friends, I know that their family members are just as eager to welcome them home.  We often commend the RMC’s for their decision to forego the comforts of their home and the familiar so that they can dedicate themselves to service with us (as they should be commended!!).  We should also be commending the family members of our Redeemer Ministry Corps volunteers.

Thank you, family members, for supporting the decision of your child to become a Redeemer Ministry Corps volunteer – even though it meant being hundreds of miles away.  Thank you for instilling the value of service and faith in your child. Thank you for late night Skype chats to comfort your child when she’s had a difficult day. Thank you for sending care packages and birthday cards.  Without your love and support, the RMC program would not be possible.

God, we are grateful for the gift of families – both the families that we are born into and the people who become family to us. 

Being Watchful

While reading a reflection from The Marvels and Mysteries of Advent, I found myself praying over the line, “Advent summons us to be watchful for the many ways of God’s faithful presence,”.

In this time of distractions and hurry, it is sometimes difficult to be watchful for the presence of God.  I, like many others, am often preoccupied with worries and to-do lists.  The above reflection was a welcome reminder that Advent is a season of joy, hope, love and peace in our hearts.

I am grateful this Advent season for the moments in which I am able to pause, reflect and find the many ways in which God revealed His presence to me:

– I felt the presence of God last week, when the RMC’s surprised the Sisters during dinner with beautiful Christmas carols and homemade cookies!  After a long day for many, it was a blessing to have this lighthearted moment and get into the Christmas spirit.

– I felt the presence of God yesterday, when the RMC’s and I participated in a day of reflection with the Sisters.  What a gift, to take a step back from the busyness of life and take time to pray together, reflect and share! 

– I felt the presence of God over the weekend, when so many friends came out to enjoy Sr. Linda’s “Christkindl Market” despite the pouring rain. 

– I feel the presence of God each time I communicate with someone who is interested in the Redeemer Ministry Corps program.  It fills me with hope! 

Where have you seen God’s faithful presence in your life?

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