Mid-Year Reflection….Sara

sara mcnary2014 was a year of many different emotions: excitement, nervousness, happiness, peace, faith, love, support, challenge and hope. In the beginning of fall, my plane landed in Philadelphia where I was soon greeted by the director of the program, and the Sisters of the Holy Redeemer. I was filled with excitement and nervousness as I began this new leg of my journey after having just graduated from college in May. Immediately I felt welcomed by the Sisters, and other staff of the Holy Redeemer; everyone offered their support and showed their enthusiasm for the upcoming service year. A few days after the other Redeemer Ministry Corps Volunteers (RMC’s) and I got settled, we had our orientation at our different ministry sites. The first few weeks and months were challenging indeed, but from those challenges I have learned a lot about myself as a disciple of Christ.

As the other RMC’s and I begin the second half of our service year, we are filled with peace knowing that there are more wonderful experiences to be had. In the fall we celebrated mass with the sisters, enjoyed meals with them, and strengthened our faith together by participating in a day retreat. As a community, we went to the sister’s beach house in Sea Isle, New Jersey, listened to live music in a Philadelphia park, tried a few local restaurants, went on countless ice cream runs and volunteered at other service sites including a fashion show for breast cancer survivors! Our year of service at our ministry sites continues to both challenge and shape us as we become adjusted to the routines of the hospital, assisted living, Dreuding center, and cancer center. We are all looking forward to the many wonderful experiences we will share this 2015!

Comforted by God

January 9-11, the Redeemer Ministry Corps volunteers participated in their mid-year retreat in Sea Isle City, NJ.  The theme of this year’s retreat was “Comforted by God.”  The volunteers spent the weekend reflecting on the experiences of the first half of the year, preparing themselves for the second half and praying about the many ways in which God provides for us.

“Speak a word of comfort in my prayer, Lord, and help me hear and trust it.  And taking it to heart, let me speak a word of comfort to all I know and all I meet today and through the week ahead….”

– from The Concord Pastor blog

Despite the cold weather, it was a beautiful weekend of reflection, prayer and sharing. May Kelly, Anna, Sara and Mary Clare continue to be comforted by God in their second half of the service year!