Our Growing Family

Next month, hundreds of thousands of people (or more) will gather in Philadelphia for the World Meeting of Families and the visit of Pope Francis.  Each week at Sunday Liturgy, we join Catholics around the world in reciting the prayer for the World Meeting of Families.  During this exciting time focusing on the family, I am reminded of the beauty of the Redeemer Ministry Corps family.  Though not related by blood, our family of RMC volunteers past and present, Sisters, alternative break students and friends of the program are joined by a common mission.

Last week, we were privileged to add another member to the RMC family.  Ashley arrived in Philadelphia on August 16th to begin her orientation to the program.  On Sunday, August 23rd, we celebrated Ashley’s official start of the program with a Missioning Mass.  Ashley shared the mission statement she created for herself for the year, and the Congregation blessed her on the start of her journey.

This week Ashley begins serving in her ministries at the Southampton Women’s Health Center and the Bott Cancer Center.  She will certainly not be without support, as I know our RMC family will be keeping her in prayer and thought.

May God bless you and your families, as you have so richly blessed ours!

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