National Volunteer Week

It is Volunteer Appreciation Week, and we can’t say enough about how much we appreciate our RMC, Ashley. Ashley has stepped tremendously out of her comfort zone all in the name of service – she has come to a new city as the only RMC this year, to offer support and a caring presence to women and men facing a cancer diagnosis.



Thank you to Ashley, and to all of our former RMC’s who have given so much of themselves in service! Our volunteers have served as nurses, social workers, pastoral care visitors, hospice volunteers, companions to the vulnerable, health liaisons, patient care assistants and so much more. Thank you to our 125 volunteers over the past 34 years who have touched so many with your love, and we look forward to welcoming more volunteers!


hpqscan0016 Picture8

anita 1982 formation 4 hpqscan0012 RMC 006

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