RMC Day- “Rest and Be Thankful”

Three times throughout the year, the RMC volunteers do not report to their ministry sites, rather they have the opportunity to participate in a day of reflection, alternative day of service, or a day focused on community fun as a way to continue to nurture and deepen a sense of community.

"A Waltz in the Woods"
“A Waltz in the Woods” by Patrick Dougherty


This year’s first RMC day, was the perfect blend of a brisk and sunny autumn day spent at Morris Arboretum, the official arboretum of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Here, the RMC volunteers experienced a bird’s eye view of the forest on the Tree Canopy Walk, admired the beauty of the Rose Garden, took a stroll through the Scarecrow Walk, shared a picnic lunch of hot apple cider and a birthday celebration for RMC, Ian and concluded the day with an hour of quiet reflection.  There was much gratitude for this time of rest, renewal and for the beauty of God’s creation.

Bird's Nest
“Bird’s Nest”
Rose Garden
Preying Mantis
“Rest and Be Thankful”



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