About RMC


Redeemer Ministry Corps is a long-term volunteer program sponsored by the Sisters of the Holy Redeemer.

Our mission is to follow the example of Jesus and proclaim God’s hope in the midst of human struggle. We accomplish this by providing a caring, comforting and healing presence to vulnerable populations.

The three main elements of the RMC program are service, faith and community. We welcome up to five volunteers per year, who live together in community and gather several times each week to share meals, prayer and time together. The volunteer year runs from late August to late July.

“I came to RMC to work for social change, but the greatest change happened within me, prompted by those I came to serve…Now, more than ever, I realize the gift that my life can be for others.” – RMC alum

For more information on the Redeemer Ministry Corps volunteer program, please visit our website at www.hrmcorps.org.


Pictured above: the 2012-2013 Redeemer Ministry Corps volunteers

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